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Are You Maximizing Your Health and Wealth?

The Second Growth Newsletter
September 2018

Cypress Wealth Services

Your health and wealth go in hand in hand. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not healthy you may not live the life you envision or worse, you may not be around to enjoy it. At Cypress Wealth Services, we pride ourselves on helping you thrive in your First and Second Growth phases of life. To thrive we believe that you need to take care of your money, but equally important you need to take care of yourself. In this month’s Your Second Growth Newsletter, we provide useful ideas that help you address taking care of yourself and your money. 

Understand Medicare 

Most of the clients we serve are nearing retirement or already retired. Medicare touches or will touch all our client's lives at some point. Understanding Medicare and supplemental policies are vital to protecting your health and your pocketbook. Take time to match your health needs and health history with the plan that is right for you. Too often we see the extremes. People will choose the most expensive supplemental policy because they can afford it and “it must be the best”, while others choose the least expensive or no supplemental coverage because they think basic Medicare will cover everything they need. With Medicare Open Enrollment starting in October, this is the perfect time to continue your education. Below are a couple of articles on the topic. 

• Don't fall into these Medicare traps
 – they could cost you thousands- click here to view.

• First-time Medicare enrollees: A wrong move on this additional coverage could cost you- click here to view.


Get Ahead on Tax Planning

Paying taxes is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared and look to save where you can. In December 2017 Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which will likely change the look of your 2018 return compared to prior years. Some deductions have disappeared or are limited compared to prior years, while you may see improvements in other areas. To prevent any surprises (good or bad), we encourage you to get ahead by understanding these changes and discuss them with your accountant. Here is an insightful article, 10 Tax Deductions that Will Disappear Next Year- click here.

10 Secrets to Success in Health and Wealth

 We found this great read in search of wisdom on the topic of health and wealth. The national financial newspaper Investors Business Daily captured the “10 Secrets of Success” after years of interviewing and analyzing world-class leaders and visionaries in all walks of life. These secrets may help you achieve success in the most important goal of all – a long and healthy life. To view the article, click here.


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