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Are You Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment?

Your Second Growth Newsletter

October 2017

Are You Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment?


As part of our Standard of Care we are committed to providing you education that will help you navigate life’s many decisions. This month’s Your Second Growth Newsletter is focused on a decision that comes up every year for most people over the age of 65, Medicare Open Enrollment. Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15th and ends December 7th this year. Below are three articles that discuss Medicare and Open Enrollment. They provide education insightful tips on how to address your options.

14 Must Know Facts About Medicare Open Enrollment- This article is a great place to start with some “must knows” about what Medicare Open Enrollment is and how best to approach it. It also provides links to other online tools to help you with your decision making. Click here to view the article.

If You Miss this Medicare Deadline it Could Hurt Your Health-This article provides a good summary of Medicare A-D. It provides a four-question checklist on what to ask yourself in your planning process. Click here to view the article.

Switch and Save on Medicare Part D- This article makes the argument to take the time to review your prescription drugs and see if making a change can make a difference to your bottom line. His research shows that many seniors are leaving money on the table for fear of change. Click here to view the article.

As a reminder, we have our upcoming Medicare Client Discussion this Tuesday, October 17 at 12pm at Desert Willow. Space is still available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or, call 760.834.7250.