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Beyond The Headlines

February 2020

Our mission is to bring confidence and clarity to your financial life. A big part of that commitment is educating you and helping you make sense of the headlines. As we learned in our October Behavioral Investing workshop, headlines can drive emotion and that emotion can sometimes lead us to make decisions that are not in our best interest. We learned this is how we are hard-wired. We learned every investor has different biases and experiences that influence how they process information. We encourage you to revisit the materials as we move through this stressful time in the markets. We have attached them here.

Navigating Fear

As we all know, the Coronavirus is a top story right now. First and foremost, we agree that any loss of life for any circumstance is sad. However, when we reviewing the Coronavirus from a market perspective it is very important to look at the big picture. The reality is this is not the first time a virus has been in the headlines driving similar fears. The chart below helps put diseases of the past in perspective:


An Economist Perspective

We get the opportunity to read and see several different perspectives on topics like the Coronavirus. We realize the everyday investor doesn't always have the same access to a full spectrum of opinions. We wanted to share the perspective of our partners from First Trust. This piece was published yesterday. We encourage you to read the attached and consider their points.

Please click here to view the article.

We are to Help

Your well-being is our primary focus. We understand that market volatility can cause stress and anxiety for many. As your financial advisor team, we are here to help you address your concerns and questions. During stressful times, we recommend revisiting your financial plan or re-engaging in the planning process. A thorough understanding of your portfolio and financial plan can bring comfort and long-term peace of mind. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting or call.