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Clarity and Confidence for Your Financial Life

Cypress Wealth Services

March 2020

Our mission is to bring confidence and clarity to your financial life. A big part of that commitment is educating you and helping you gain perspective during volatile and unsettling times. This past week we have seen unprecedented events that not only disrupted the markets but our daily lives. While we do not take lightly the harmful health impact of the virus, we do want to offer insight on how to navigate the markets. During times like these, we plan to provide more frequent education to help you keep perspective and focused on the long-term.

What You Need to Know About Recessions and Bear Markets

As global markets continue their roller coaster ride due to fears surrounding the Coronavirus, our most recent bull market officially turned into a bear market. But what does that mean? And are we on the verge of another recession like the one we had in 2008? In light of all these concerns, we thought we’d share our most recent online article. It discusses what you need to know about recessions and bear markets. Click here to view the article.

History of the Markets

Living through market volatility is rarely easy. We can remember 2000 and 2008 like it was yesterday. In 2008, many investors experienced panic, fear, and desperation. These are normal feelings when living through times of abnormal volatility. Our hope is to help provide you perspective as we navigate today's uncertainties. We do this by providing a history of the markets and acknowledge that corrections are part of the investing process. However, the "reason" for a correction will vary. Consider the ideas in the attached charts.

You can click here to download the below charts.

Reasons to Be Positive About the US Coronavirus Fight

Much of the news Coronavirus coverage highlights only the negative or worst-case scenarios. We think this is a must-read from our partners at First Trust. The attached piece looks at the data and discusses some positive developments that aren’t getting as much media coverage. Click here to view the article.

We are to Help

Your well-being is our primary focus. Our goal is not to minimize the emotions that many investors experience. We know fear and anxiety are real. However, we also know the importance of not letting these emotions lead to harmful decision-making. As your financial advisory team, we are here to help you address your concerns and questions. We are here to help guide you through these difficult times. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a meeting or call.