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Do You Know Someone Who Needs Our Help?

February 2020

By: Ross Biesinger

It’s no secret that the markets are largely unpredictable, the highs and lows a bit of a rollercoaster. However, whether the markets are steady or increasingly erratic, there are two key facts to remember. First, markets can shift quickly. And second, reviewing your strategy as you near retirement is absolutely necessary. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have safeguards in place to help protect your savings from the inevitable future downturns as they come; in addition, it is necessary to periodically review your strategy in order to ensure your financial plan remains in line with your retirement goals. 

Have you recently followed through on these two critical steps? Hopefully, you are on top of your financial plan, but how about the people you love? Does anyone come to mind that may be in need of reviewing and securing these or other fundamental aspects of their financial future? Coming in for a financial review may very well be the difference between a dreamy retirement and a financial nightmare.

A Checkup for Your Finances

Every year, you set an annual physical exam with your doctor to make sure your health is at its best. Well, if you want to be sure they are in optimal shape, the same principle applies to your finances. And, just like your doctor, regularly gathering all the necessary information enables us to offer the best care and know when to follow up as needed.

At Cypress Wealth Services, we periodically follow up to answer any questions you may have and review your plan as the seasons of life change. We take the time to catch up and discuss your unique needs and desires in order to be sure there aren’t any changes that are going unacknowledged. We have seen time and time again that as we continue to establish an ongoing relationship and remain clear on your values, your decisions become much easier.

The Benefits of A Financial Checkup

As life progresses, there are many changes that can take place. In fact, if one thing can be guaranteed, it is that change will happen. Therefore, periodically reassessing your goals and plans is not only wise but necessary. During our initial meeting, it is our goal to come to a complete understanding of your goals and financial situation at that time. Moving forward, checkups allow us to work together with you to evaluate and adjust where needed. This is vital to our ability to make sure life’s changes don’t go unaddressed and consequently throw us off track. If everything seems to continue to be well suited to your long-term goals, despite fluctuations in the market and personal life changes, we’ll gladly affirm that your plan is adequate as is and send you on your way with confidence.

If, on the other hand, we discover some life changes that have created gaps in your plan and knock it out of alignment with your financial goals, then we will use this time together to fill in those gaps and discuss any unprotected risks in order to secure and fortify your financial future.

It never hurts to have a professional take a second look at your financial plan, even if simply to confirm that it is fully protected, still applicable to all aspects of your life, and designed to work toward your long-term dreams. Whether our appointment is in-depth and complex or short and sweet, we hope you will leave having full trust and confidence in us, in your decisions, and in your financial future.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

Over the years, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with our clients, who not only trust us with their money but with their family and friends’ money as well. There’s no higher compliment than when our clients let others know about their exceptional experiences with us and the valuable services we provide. We at Cypress Wealth Services consider it a great honor when you entrust into our care the people that matter most to you.

If you know someone who would benefit from a financial review, don’t hesitate to tell them about our ability to adapt to our rapidly changing industry, adhering to our disciplined and time-honored approach, and how through all stages of our partnership, we make ourselves available to them at their convenience. We look forward to the opportunity to help them evaluate where they are now, determine where they would truly like to be in the future, and address any gaps that may be present. And, of course, if you think you may be the one due for a checkup, feel free to book an appointment for yourself by calling our office at 866.888.6563 or contacting one of our offices today.


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