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Is it Time for a Spring Cleaning?

Second Growth Newsletter
May 2018

Cypress Wealth Management

Our financial lives are not much different than our daily lives. Over time we slowly accumulate more things and from time to time it is important to take an inventory and do a cleanup. At Cypress Wealth Services we are focused on helping you thrive in Your Second Growth. To meet this commitment we know it is important to help you manage your entire financial life, and not just the money we invest. In this month’s Your Second Growth Newsletter, we discuss how and why to do a “spring cleaning” in your financial life.  We believe a good “spring cleaning” is important because it will help you save money, time and be better prepared for what lies ahead.  

Life in a Book™

In our opinion, your spring cleaning begins with financial organization. Financial organization is a cornerstone of a healthy financial life and sets the stage for better financial decisions surrounding investments, budgeting, debt, and investment planning. It also makes your regular review and future “spring cleanings” easier and more organized. To help in this task we have developed Life in a Book™. Life in a Book™ is a simple framework that allows you to get organized. To view Life in a Book™, please click here.

Know Where You Stand

We believe understanding where your money goes is important to successfully saving for retirement and living in retirement. We suggest you go through this process annually to see where you can create cost savings. We have created a simple budget form to help you with this process. If you would like us to send you our Know WhereYou Stand budget form, please reply to this email. 

Review Your Life Insurance Policies

Your life insurance policies are often overlooked. You likely bought them when you were younger as a solution to address your family’s needs or a future tax situation. Many people typically file the policies away and rarely look at them. Why should you review them? The answer is simple. Things change! Your needs might have changed (marital status, health, or beneficiaries.) You may be paying too much for the coverage. Maybe your coverage is too little. Perhaps you don’t fully understand what you own. For these reasons, we suggest you review your policies every 1-2 years. We are here to help. If you have questions or would like us to review them, please let us know.

Review Your Home, Auto and Liability Policies

Reviewing your home, auto and liability policies is not a fun project. They can be confusing and convoluted. However, taking the time to review these policies could mean real savings over the long run or important to protecting your savings. Many times home and auto premiums can be lowered by taking the time once a year to review your budget and double checking what you are paying for your coverages.  We also recommend reviewing your liability policies. Too often clients are underinsured, have gaps in coverage or not insured at all. If you need help reviewing your overall budget or current policies, please let us know.

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