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My Favorite Things To Do In Coachella Valley

By Ross Biesinger

Cypress Wealth Services

One of the many perks of being on top of your finances is the ability to enjoy life a little more. Yes, saving is important, but so is splurging on some family fun or rest and relaxation as well. It is the goal of our team at Cypress Wealth Services to help you make sure you are financially set to enjoy your life to the fullest. Here are some of my favorite things that bring me joy and fulfillment here in the Coachella Valley area. If you are in the area and have not yet experienced these things, you should!

Mountain Bike The Cove - Boo Hof Trail

If you have never mountain biked Boo Hof Trail, you are in for a treat! In fact, Boo Hof Trail was ranked as the #1 mountain bike trail in the La Quinta Cove area according to![1] The Boo Hof inner loop is the perfect choice for a wonderful evening workout. There is a nice mix of uphill climb while riding up to the Oasis, but nothing too difficult. This trail is actually considered family-friendly, as it is not too hard for kids yet still challenging enough to be fun. And the fast downhill on singletrack makes all that uphill work well worth it. Whether you have mountain biked for years or never before, this is an adventure you don't want to miss out on!

Hike Ladder Canyon And Painted Canyon

Ladder Canyon trailhead is located in a small, remote California town called Mecca and is highly recommended by many as an “amazing” and “must-do” hike![2] While some warn that this slot canyon hike is not an easy hike and people do need rescuing from time to time, others insist that the trail is actually pretty easy, and everyone, from children to seniors, has been seen hiking this awesome trail. There is not much elevation change, which makes for an easier hike. However, there are many ladders to climb in Ladder Canyon, so if ladders make you nervous, then you might have a slightly harder time on this one simply because you will literally be climbing ladders—it is not just a cute name! Since Ladder Canyon Trail is a loop, you can begin from either direction, though most hike clockwise to climb up the ladders. If you would prefer to be climbing down ladders instead of up, you may want to come the other way.[3]

Painted Canyon was given its beautiful name as many mineral deposits in hues of rose, pink, red, purple, and green are put on display throughout the canyon walls. These colorful “painted” walls are also distinguished by sandy washes sprinkled with ironwood, smoke trees, and palo verde. The Big Painted Canyon, the trail you take from the parking area to find Ladder Canyon, or the Little Painted Canyon, the trail that leads to the left of the parking area, are both beautiful hikes that are well worth the effort, and many decide to skip the ladders and just explore these beautiful canyons instead.

Either way, these canyons are best hiked between October and April, as they are in the middle of the California desert, and hiking during the dead of summer will be extremely hot. No matter the time of year you go, make sure to bring plenty of water, apply a reliable sunblock, and be ready for an eye-pleasing adventure!

Hike Indian Canyons - Palm Springs

The Indian Canyons feature more than 60 miles of hiking and walking trails.[4] From the easy 1.2-mile Andreas trail to the strenuous 12.3-mile Hahn Buena Vista Trail, there is something for everyone here! For centuries, Indian Canyons and the surrounding Palm Springs area have been described as a recreational oasis. In fact, Tahquitz Canyon and the Indian Canyons are listed on the National Register of Historic Places,[5] and the Indian Canyons Palm Canyon area is the world’s largest California Fan Palm oasis.[6] With an abundant water supply and breathtaking indigenous flora and fauna, the Indian Canyons are truly a must-see desert oasis!

Eat At Wilma & Frieda’s Or Grill-A-Burger

And of course, every good list of “things to do” includes some of the best food the area has to offer. I personally consider Wilma & Frieda’s, a popular breakfast and lunch cafe at The Gardens on El Paseo in Palm Desert, one of those places where you just have to eat if you're in the area. They were featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives in 2017, and Guy Fieri was served their short rib melt and breakfast tart. These are just two of the many delicious breakfast and lunch items they serve during their daily business hours of 8 a.m.-3 p.m.[7] Not only is their food amazing, but their service and prices are ranked highly as well![8]

And last but definitely not least, the famous Grill-A-Burger! Also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and boasted as one of the top 10 burger joints in the USA by TripAdvisor, they not only serve amazing, high-quality food, but they also believe in supporting local and national charities and being active members of their community. They take great pride in having a large and loyal fan base and make it their priority to serve their customers and community well, whether it be food or otherwise!

How About You?

Whatever it is that you love to do, Cypress Wealth Services wants to help ensure that you are able to live comfortably and with the security of a strong financial future. Life should be full of the things that matter most. We want to make sure you live out your best life. Give us a call at 866.888.6563 or click this link to contact one of our offices today!


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