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What We Do and How We Can Help

By David Thatcher, CFP®,
Partner & Senior Financial Advisor

What We Do and How We Can Help

What We Do and How We Can Help

People often assume that only those who have mismanaged their money are stressed about finances. However, even wealthy or successful individuals and families can lack confidence in their future. At Cypress Wealth Services, we understand the stress and concern that can come with facing financial decisions. After working hard throughout your career to build your wealth, you want to make sure it works hard for you in return when you retire and when you want to leave a legacy.

How We Can Help

At Cypress Wealth Services, our goal is to align your most important priorities, such as your financial needs, family values, and charitable interests, with your financial resources in a way that is tailored specifically for you. Our comprehensive retirement planning, financial planning, and investment management services revolve around what we term as the “Second Growth” phase of life, which occurs as you approach and live in retirement. During this phase, it’s essential to plan ahead for how you will protect, grow, and transfer your wealth.

Whether you’re approaching the “Second Growth” phase of life with excitement for the future or anxiety for the unknown, we have developed a personal approach to help you work through those questions you have and to address those issues you might not be aware of yet. After analyzing what matters most to you, we develop a financial blueprint that encompasses your investment philosophy, legacy plans, risk control, cash flow strategies, and liability management. Throughout this entire process, we provide ongoing education to inspire you to feel more at peace with your strategies and empowered to make informed decisions.

Why Clients Choose Us

We believe clients work with Cypress Wealth Services for three main reasons: care, competence, and collaboration. As part of an independent RIA fee-based firm, we have structured our business around the concept of honesty, trust, client commitment, transparency, and fiduciary care. From the first meeting, we are passionate about showing our clients how much we care, from listening to their needs to frequently communicating with them. We continuously try to improve our skills for the betterment of our clients. When working with us, clients will always understand our fees and the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Beyond finding an advisor you trust, it’s essential to work with a firm that is experienced and knowledgeable. Our team is comprised of financial advisors with diverse backgrounds, specialties, and educations who share the same commitment to putting client needs first. Along with advanced financial planning credentials, we have decades of experience working with clients through good markets and bad.

And unlike many firms, you have an entire team behind you. Our team collaborates and most clients have at least two dedicated advisors assisting them with their needs. When you call the office and have a question, there is always someone you can speak to and who can help you.  And not only do we work together, but we also collaborate with the other professionals in your life, such as CPAs, attorneys, and insurance agents, to ensure your entire financial life is integrated and coordinated.

How to Get Started

Helping people feel more confident and at peace with their finances drives us every day in our career. We enjoy meeting with high net worth individuals, families, and business owners approaching or living in retirement to learn about their goals and see if we may be able to help. To schedule a complimentary financial consultation, or to get a second opinion on your current retirement strategies, contact one of our offices today.

About Cypress Wealth Services

Cypress Wealth Services, an independent RIA firm providing financial planning and investment management to high net worth individuals, families, business owners, and institutions. CWS is comprised of  professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience and qualifications. CWS is uniquely qualified to serve a broad range of client needs. Their experience and expertise act as a foundation for their client service process, The Second Growth, which focuses on efficiently protecting, growing, and transferring to their loved ones the wealth and legacy a person has already built. With offices in Palm Desert,and Anchorage, the firm serves clients across the country. Learn more by visiting