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Cypress Wealth Services Moves to New Office in Palm Desert

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Cypress Wealth Services

Palm Desert, CA.— Cypress Wealth Services, LLC, an independent wealth management firm, has announced it moved to a new office building in Palm Desert this quarter. The mission of Cypress is to bring clarity and confidence to their clients' financial lives. New office space was designed with this mission in mind. The office expansion will support the company’s continued business growth in Palm Desert.

Located on Country Club Drive, the building is over 9,000 square feet, enough space for 26 people to work. The building features an open space design to foster a collaborative work environment and to encourage educational meetings for advisors and their clients.

Mark Thatcher, a founding partner of Cypress Wealth Services is excited about the firm’s future in Palm Desert. “We love Palm Desert, there are many wonderful people here. This office space gives us the ability to bring on more advisors and better serve our clients.”

Cypress Wealth Services Group currently has thirteen advisors at the firm and manages approximately $833 million for their clients. The firm added three new advisors in the past year with plans to add more advisors in 2019. 

Cypress has positioned itself as a home for financial advisors in Palm Desert looking to transition to being independent as well as a top service provider for high net worth individuals, families, and business owners. 

There is an Open House on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 5:00p.m.-8:00p.m. Please RSVP to


About Cypress Wealth Services

Cypress Wealth Services (CWS) is an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm that provides proactive financial advice and investment management for high net worth families, business owners, and institutions. Cypress Wealth Services is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, qualifications and is uniquely qualified to serve a broad range of client needs. CWS’s experience and expertise have been the foundation for their proactive client service process and client Standard of Care. CWS’s multi-generational approach focuses on efficiently protecting and growing wealth while providing proactive financial advice as a client moves through each new stage of life. With offices in Palm Desert, CA and Anchorage, AK, the firm serves clients across the country. For more information: visit or call 760.834.7250.

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