the Complicated
Our mission is to bring clarity and confidence to your financial life. To meet this goal, we provide specific resources that aim to simplify the complicated by providing you easy to understand tools to help you organize your finances, plan effectively for the future, and invest your money efficiently. We are a full-service financial services firm that provides proactive financial advice and investment management for high net worth families, business owners, and institutions.
Financial organization is a cornerstone of a healthy financial life and sets the stage for better financial decisions surrounding investments, budgeting, debt, and investment planning. Organizing your finances properly can help you make more informed decisions about your investments and financial plans. To help in this task we have developed Life in a Book™. Life in a Book™ is a simple framework that allows you to start the sometimes daunting task of getting organized.
Proactive and
Thoughtful Planning
A thorough financial plan will help you answer questions like, “How much do I need?” “Do I have enough?” “ Am I spending too much?” “When should I start Social Security?” A good plan will also help you understand your net worth, provide cash flow projections and help you understand your goals and what it takes to make them happen. A great plan will align your financial resources with your vision for your future and make it easy to understand. We not only provide you an in-depth financial plan, but more importantly you will receive our First Growth or Second Growth BluePrint. This blueprint is a one-page snapshot that is easy to understand and summarizes where you are on your financial path and points you in the direction of where you want to go. We meet with you regularly to review your blueprint and make updates along the way.
Investment Management
Reviewing and managing your portfolio is the last piece of your financial puzzle. After we create your plan, we perform a 360° Portfolio Analysis of your current investments by doing a thorough review of seven critical investment areas and then overlay them with your stated needs and goals. We then provide you a simplified one-page 360° Portfolio Analysis. Our belief is an analysis is only good if you can understand what it means. The 360° Portfolio Analysis is streamlined, straightforward and helps you understand what you own so you can determine if changes need to be made.