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Does your company’s retirement plan offer great investments for you and your employees?

401(k) Insights

April 2024

401(k) Insights is our monthly newsletter, created specifically to assist business owners and plan administrators navigate their retirement plan requirements.  If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. 

How do you think about and evaluate the investment menu in your small business 401(k) plan? In this edition, we will touch on a few important considerations related to the investments offered in your company’s 401(K) plan.

Here are some important points to consider.

Fiduciary Responsibility: As the plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of your employees. This includes selecting and monitoring the investment options offered in the plan. This fiduciary responsibility is often shared with the plan’s financial advisor.

Diversification: Ensure that the investment menu includes a diverse range of options across different asset classes, such as cash, stocks, bonds, and possibly alternative investments like real estate or commodities. This allows employees to build portfolios that align with their risk tolerance and investment goals.

Regular Review and Monitoring: Consistently monitor the investment menu to ensure that it remains appropriate and meets the needs of your employees. You will want to consider adjustments as necessary based on changes in the investment’s performance, management and expenses relative to its peer group, i.e. large-cap growth.

By carefully considering these factors and taking a proactive approach to managing the investment menu, you can help ensure that your small business 401(k) plan provides employees with quality investment options to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Are you confident your plan is compliant and maximizing your benefit? We can help. If you’d like a complimentary review of your retirement plan, please click this link and provide some basic information.