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Cypress Wealth Services

July 2023


What does success look like for you? Many people think it means having a corner office and a vacation home. For others, it may mean achieving specific professional or personal goals. Maybe for you it simply means being able to provide a college education for your children and have enough wealth to enjoy a secure retirement. Whatever your idea of success looks like, you will need to set specific financial goals if you hope to realize your dream life.

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure this out on your own. At Cypress Wealth Services, this is what we do best. We provide proactive financial advice and investment management to high-net-worth families, business owners, and institutions so they can pursue their financial goals with confidence and clarity.

Our Process

Our clients typically meet the criteria of those in the Second Growth phase of life. They have already built their wealth and now want to protect, grow, transfer, and invest that wealth so they can meet their goals. To accomplish this, our process involves three key aspects that aim to provide a holistic view of your financial puzzle where all the pieces are integrated. 

The Second Growth

We have developed a process to help analyze and address your financial goals that are inspired by the two-stage growth of trees. We see these same two phases of growth in the financial lives of those we serve. This process is explained in more detail below.

Your Personal Blueprint

You’ve been fortunate enough to experience the Primary Growth phase of your financial life and arrive where you are today. But as time passes, your focus shifts to the Second Growth, a time of safeguarding, growing, and transferring your wealth and legacy comfortably to those you love and to causes you support.

Investment philosophy, legacy plans, risk control, cash flow strategies, and liability management demand a specialized approach during the Second Growth. Just as each tree tells its own unique story in its rings, your financial life is marked by your individual needs and circumstances. Our process was developed for this very thing—to help analyze and address what matters most to you. We work in concert with your CPA, attorney, and other financial professionals to make your blueprint a reality.

An Education Continuum

We are committed to creating a lifelong educational experience. This starts with regularly scheduled personal wealth management reviews and continues with client education events on current market conditions, geopolitical topics, and laws that may affect your financial growth blueprint.


As a full-service firm, our team approach allows us to provide the necessary level of knowledge and skill to manage our clients’ wealth the way they need and deserve. Our services are tailored to your unique stage of life and financial situation. Here are some questions we may address depending on your needs and concerns.

Second Growth Process for Retirees

  • Do I have enough saved to get me successfully through retirement?
  • How do I plan for inflation and increasing healthcare expenses?
  • Are my investments tax-efficient and cost-efficient?

Second Growth Process for Legacy Planning

  • What is the best way to transition my wealth to the next generation?
  • How can I explore gifting and other philanthropic opportunities?
  • Are my beneficiaries prepared to manage your estate?

Second Growth Process for Business

  • Do I have the best retirement plan options for my business?
  • Am I getting the best value on my insurance and benefit plans for my employees?

Second Growth Process for Foundations and Nonprofits

  • How do we set up a planned giving program to attract new donors?
  • Our Investment Policy Statement may need some work. Can you help with that?

The Second Growth Process

The Second Growth Process™ was developed to address the unique needs of our clients during this most critical life stage. This process was designed to provide peace of mind and certainty in meeting their needs. Our Second Growth Process has four steps:

1. Understanding Your Financial Dendrochronology

We listen to you. Understanding your financial dendrochronology means knowing you, where you have been, and where you want to go. What are your personal values and aspirations? What’s on your bucket list? We want to know.

2. Assessing the Gap

After we have a thorough understanding of what you want to accomplish, we walk you through an educational assessment of any gaps that may exist in your plans.    

3. Your Second Growth BluePrint

We bring our understanding of you together with a thorough analysis of your financial position to create a customized, detailed blueprint of what you need to do to meet your goals. We take a collaborative approach, working with your tax and estate advisors to address all areas of your financial life. 

4. Ongoing Review

As your needs and goals evolve over time, so should your financial plan. We meet with you regularly to confirm you are on track and that your finances continue to reflect your desires.

Your Life Integrated

To be integrated means to connect or link various parts or aspects into a whole. That is our goal for each client we serve—to align your most important priorities, such as your financial needs, family values, and charitable interests, with your financial resources in a way that is tailored specifically for you. To meet this goal, everything we do is based on our Standard of Care, the foundation of how we meet our clients’ needs. This includes resources that simplify the complicated by helping you organize your finances, plan effectively for the future, and invest your money efficiently.

At Cypress Wealth Services, we want you to experience as much financial clarity and confidence as possible so you can spend your precious time and energy doing what you love. If you are in this Second Growth stage of life, we would love to sit down with you and make sure your finances are working for you. To schedule a complimentary financial consultation, or to get a second opinion on your current portfolio, call us at 866.888.6563 or contact one of our offices today.


About Cypress Wealth Services

Cypress Wealth Services is an independent RIA firm providing financial planning and investment management to high-net-worth individuals, families, business owners, and institutions. Cypress Wealth Services comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience and qualifications. Cypress Wealth Services serves a broad range of client needs using their knowledge and expertise to act as a foundation for their client service process. The firm uses The Second Growth, which focuses on efficiently protecting, growing, and transferring the wealth and legacy a person has already built to their loved ones. With financial advisors in California, Alaska, Arizona, and Georgia, the firm serves clients nationwide with Wealth Management Services, Fiduciary Services, 401(k) Design and Management, Investment Reporting Services, Financial and Retirement Planning, and more. For more information, visit or call 760.834.7250.